Stainless Steel Piping Installations 


OLME offers Stainless Steel Piping Installations to Industry as per prescribed/requested quality standards. All our installations conform to ASME 31.3 (Process Piping Guide) as a minimum.

gsk pipe1 OLME 03-new



We utilise manual GTAW and MWAG Welding techniques depending on installation specification and prescribed standards and offer fully documented/validated Stainless Steel Piping Installations. For more detail please refer to our Hygienic Piping Solutions

We also offer piping installations on Dairy-Low Pressure/Temperature (Thin Walled Members) and High Pressure/Temperature (Schedule Members) systems. All pressure systems confirm to SANS 347 (Pressure Equipment Regulation) Hazard Categorisation and include all legal documentation requirements and are fully conversant with the following Stainless Steel materials with existing Welding Procedure Specifications and Qualifications;

Stainless Steel 304L
Stainless Steel 316L
Stainless Steel Duplex 2205
Stainless Steel Duplex 2507

Based on our vast amount of experience within the piping sector and our involvement within the Water Treatment Industry we also offer technical advice and support backed by our accredited/partner material distributor NDE Stainless Steel with regards to material selections and current installation failures and recommendations.

Our services also include an approved Pickle and Passivation Procedure fully documented post any stainless steel piping reticulation installation.

Through our existing partnerships we offer the following ancillary services required for the complete piping solution;

  • Lagging and cladding
  • Non-Destructive Testing (Radiographic, Magnetic Particle, Dye-Penetrant etc.)
  • Our Stainless Steel Piping reticulations are generally utilised to transfer the following liquids;

Dairy – Thin Walled Members

  • Municipal Water Distribution
  • Water Treatment Plant Distribution (Reverse Osmosis, Carbon/Sand Filtration, etc.)
  • Product Piping (Human Consumption) – Beverage and Dairy Industry
  • Schedule – High Pressure/Temperature

High Pressure Water Reticulation

  • Water Treatment Plant Distribution (Reverse Osmosis, Carbon/Sand Filtration, etc.)
  • Pure Steam Distribution 

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